Monday, April 9, 2018

Skate with a creative eye.

Feb 2018

I stood on the tail of my board, pushed it forward as my back wheels crested the coping and the tail rested on the deck of the quarter pipe. I leaned in, stepped forward and rolled into the park flowing down the ramp and towards the next obstacle. "skate with a creative eye" I thought to myself, seeking out new lines, new combinations, and if possible shake off a bit of winter and the real world for just a couple hours.
It has been a tough winter in our little section of the world. Perhaps we’ve been spoiled by climate change the past few years, as skating outside all winter has been a given, but this year- this year Ole Mother Nature has been reminding us that snow, ice, and brutal cold are enemies of skateboarding.
I count myself lucky to have an indoor close to home, and a little space in my basement to kick around, but on this day, I felt a little mentally stale. I’d seen the same spots, the same lines perhaps one time too many in the past few weeks.  I needed a little more variety and creativity in my diet. So, on this day “skate with a creative eye” was the mantra. I carved around seeking new lines, sliding through corners, and grinding stairs that I hadn’t previously. “how can I skate that differently…” I’d ask myself…
Our local indoor had a nice little flat ground area when you first walk into the park. My flat ground game is very suspect, on a normal night I aim to not be the old guy that snakes everyone and is always in the way- this applies doubly to the flat-ground area.
But, something was different in the flat ground area tonight as I looked and saw a couple of buddies skating a 16-inch long 4x4 post with one edge fortified with steel corner so, in theory, you could grind it. I quickly wandered over to get a closer look at what these guys were doing. They were playing on the block, and trying to come up with ways to incorporate this seemingly random piece of wood. It was silly. It was cool… it was inspiring…
Slyly, I worked my way into this session.  Four grown-assed men, and an adolescent scooter kid bouncing around on this weird little 4x4 block in the midst of an amazing skatepark with every imaginable and desirable set up.  But yet here we were. It was perfect.  Nose-slides where the entire block slides, no complies, ollies, bonelesses and blunts all on this little magical block of wood.
“skate with a creative eye” – I chuckled to myself…
We laughed and hollered and cheered for each other for the next half hour or so. This was the scratch that my itch needed.  Slowly our little session broke up, and we each headed out back to the real world. I put on my coat and hat and walked out of the park. I braced myself as the cold and wind swirled around and I smiled ear to ear as I climbed into my car and drove up the road.

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