Sunday, August 6, 2017

not the brightest bulb...

Monk and I don't change around our furniture all that often. A couple of weeks ago, for the first time in 10 years, we rearranged the bedroom. In our old configuration there was a foot between the wall and the head of the bed as there was a vent on the floor. Potter, our 6 year old, 105 pound Lab would often use this space a way to get out of bed in the middle of the night. In our new configuration, there is no vent at the head of the bed, and thus no need for any space there.

Tuesday night- 2:34 am. I am abruptly awoken as I hear a loud thud, as if something is crashing through the wall, followed by a crushing across my head and shoulder. I quickly realize it's Potter jumping- no bouncing on top of me. Monk- now awake from the calamity realized what had happened- Potter tried to exit the bed from the top, as he had for six years, but ran straight into the wall, and of course rebounded on top of me.

We laughed.

Friday night, 2:34 am. I'm half asleep. I sense Potter is on the move again. Then I hear the loud thud as he plows into the wall full steam again, and then I feel him crash down on me. It wasn't as funny the second time as the first- but it was still pretty funny.  Monk sat up, smiling and says, "you guys okay !?"

Potter let out a loud "HHRMUMP!!" as he laid down on the floor and fell quickly asleep as if ignoring that any of this ever happened.

I said to Monk, "Labs are loyal, loving and wonderful dogs. They are not the brightest of the species."

and with that, we were back to sleep.

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