Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Throw Back...

(1/2) TBT circa 1990. My friends and I (the one factory) put out two videos of our skating/riding around Newark, De. The first was "useless footage" in 1990 and then "Let It Ride" in 1991. My buddy Mike put our runs up on vimeo years ago. I recently edited down my parts to insta standards. This one is from 1990. These were filmed with VHS camera, and edited VCR to VCR. We had HUGE premiere parties at my parents house that I remember just being celebrations of skating/riding. These weren't sponsor me tapes... that train had passed, but us trying to capture the moment. Interesting to look at how my home town has changed in 25+ years... Anyway, thanks to Mike for puttig this stuff up and to you for indulging an old man's trip down memory lane.

"As time went on we got to skate less and less. Work, Relationships, kids...Skateboarding is like that. It comes and goes out of your life, but it never really goes away. And Although a lot of us haven't stepped on a board for more than 10 years, I know skateboarding will be with us forever.

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