Thursday, July 27, 2017

JAM FUND GRAND FUNDO- (letting one slip out)

Last weekend traveled to  Western Mass to hang out with my brother and his family and to do the JAM FUND GRAND FUNDO which continues to be one of the most fun, challenging and beautiful events that we do.

Friday before the event, we were bouncing around downtown NOHO and slipped into a CVS. I had a strange coughing fit, and inadvertently let one slip out while I was coughing. You know a cough-fart. Diane caught it and gave me the eye, as we both burst into laughter in the shampoo aisle.

Much later that evening, Buddy, Beth, Craig, Diane, the kids and I were all sitting around talking junk and I asked, "Guess who farted in CVS today?" 

My niece chimed in pointing at my nephew and says, " he's did! he farts everywhere!"

My nephew shrugged his shoulders, smiles and admits, "yeah, it was me!  I fart everywhere!"

We all burst into laughter, as I added, "Well, actually I wasn't trying to out anyone, as much as share the story of my cough-fart..."

the weekend was an amazing adventure with lots smack talk, laughter,  skateboarding, bike riding, and fun. It was a much needed get away...

Monk is still getting over a lung infection and couldn't ride last weekend.. (sad trombone)
this was the group of people who had to wait for me on top of every hill! 
road selfie!

I get by with the help of my friends! (thanks Jay Gump!)

Listening to pre-ride announcements with  Greg, Craig, Buddy, Meghan and Beth! 

Yeah, I stage on the grass! I'm a former mid pack cross racer after all!

Craig, Meghan and Beth get staged at the start of the Fundo

It's got a hemi and it can destroy planets. That's all you need to know.

JD and MEGA- rode in our group for a while too! 

King's Highway is still really hard and steep... 

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