Wednesday, July 19, 2017

First State Dualthalon

I am not a good runner.

Well, these days I'm particularly not fast at running or riding a bike. It was with this understanding that Monk and I entered the Delaware Duathlon as a team with me taking on the 5k run, Monk taking on the 7 mile off road ride, and then me finishing up with the .9 mile run to the finish. It didn't take a ton of effort to get Craig and Beth to join us as well!

 Man this was hard, but tons of fun.

Craig and Beth were quietly putting in a great effort and would easily win the day. Monk and I found ourselves in a little but of a battle for the silver medal.

I might have gotten off course a little during the first 3.1 miles with a couple of other guys,  and put us in a little bit of a hole.  Thankful my partner is BMFer.

Monk did what she does: RIPS!  The fact that the bike course was essentially a cross course helped us greatly. On her final of 3 laps, she caught 2nd place and sent me out on the final .9 mile run with a :07 lead.

Did I mention that I am not a good runner?

It took my rival no time to catch and pace with me.
At the half mile to go  mark, he sounded like he was hurting a bit, so I stepped up my game putting in an effort. This was a colossal miscalculation on my part.  I was feeling good about the world. Then I realized, I was hurting a lot.

My gap evaporated. He clawed back to me with about a quarter mile to go, and proceeded to dispatch me.

I burned my last match too soon.

Congrats to Craig and Beth, and the second place team... Monk and I were stoked to have a great time and walk away with the bronze medal.

I'm already looking forward to next year's event!

pictures courtesy of fusion racing.

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