Thursday, June 22, 2017

Go Skateboarding Day!

June 21st is International Go Skateboarding Day! A creation of Don Brown (Sole-tech/Transworld/OG) to rally skaters around the world. It's really fun day that brings lots of skaters out and gives everyone a chance to celebrate skateboarding.

The Street Plant Battalion Is one of the online skate groups I belong. The Battalion tends to appreciate a common style of skating, general positive outlook to the world and I'll say it some good old fashioned  fan-boying (myself included) of Mike V, Kristian Svitak and skating in general. There's not a ton of 40+ year old skaters that I get to connect with, and while I love the all the locals that I get to skate with, it's nice to bounce some ideas off of other skaters in similar station of life. (whatever that means)  The Battalion Members share adventures and in general have a lots of fun sharing experiences.

Cody, a fellow battalion member challenged us all to film a bit of our days during Go Skateboarding day and to share with the group. IT WAS AWESOME! Lots of great skating and experiences where shared. My feed was so rad the evening of June 21st!

This was my final edit.

 I took a PTO day from work with the goal to hit up a number of spots that I had never skated before, and finish up at my home park.

I'll say this, I had a ton of skating and putting this together. I'm not 100% satisfied with my clips, in a couple of spots I could have been smoother. But that was part of the challenge to capture and edit all in one day...

New Spots:

The Bank Across from the Rat-bastard Car Dealership- this was fun, crusty and harder to skate than I anticipated, but fun. I ended up getting chased out of there by a work crew. Ha! 45 and getting kicked out of a skate spot.

7th Street Skate Spot- Amazing DYI park in Wilmington DE. Super fun, I admit I was little intimidated and skated a little shyly. I can't put my finger on the reason,but will say this wasn't my last time at the park.

Downingtown Skatepark (Kerr Park). Place is an abomination. Worst concrete park I have ever skated. No flow, cracks in all the wrong places, and coping that I'm sure who ever laid it was on an acid trip when they installed it. That said,  I did have fun there, and managed to get a couple of clips but won't be revisiting that park...

And finally my home park: Phillips Park Back in Good Old Newark DE! I was stoked to meet up with some locals that I have enjoyed skating with a bunch lately... They were celebrating Go Skateboarding Day and we had a helluva a good time ripping around.

Here's the raw edit in chronological order:


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