Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mr. Treece

In the fall on 1985 I was a freshman in High School and honestly a weird angsty kid just trying to finding myself and in the journey, I found skateboarding. I only remember 2 teachers from my freshman year. My general earth science teacher, Mr. Pletcher, who fell and broke his hip the first two weeks of the year, and Mr. Treece the permanent sub who took his place. In October of that year, I was sitting in class reading my first copy of Thrasher and Mr. Treece stopped by my desk and asked if I was a skateboarder. I replied that I was just kinda starting out. He told me his son was a pro skater, and he asked if I had ever heard of Chuck Treece. I answered honestly, “NO” but qualified it that I didn’t know any pro-skaters. Chuck became the first pro skater that I knew. I think he had a pro-model on Sure-Grip at that time. That general earth science class was a raucous and at times rough one. It was also one of the classes I looked forward to the most, because it was so fun and crazy. Maybe it wasn’t the best science class I ever took, but I learned a ton in that class.  Mr. Treece would always come stop by my seat and ask how my skating was coming and tell me about Chuck’s travels. The next summer, I went to my first skate demo: Chuck Treece at the old Henry’s bike shop in downtown Wilmington. At the end of the demo Chuck threw his board into the crowd, and my kid brother caught it. I’ve never met Chuck, but I see via the internets that we sometimes skate the same spots, I hope someday to shake his hand. Last weekend, I stopped by one of our local shops (@switch) and saw these Chuck Treece wheels. Memories of Mr. Treece rushed to mind… I was all in! I’m gonna set these up on my cruiser board. Cheers and thanks for letting me roll down memory lane a bit…

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