Saturday, April 22, 2017


As I laid in bed stirring this morning, I could hear the rain drops beating against my bedroom window.  I sighed as I woke up thinking to myself that the freakin' weather guy got it wrong again. I was instantly grumpy thinking that my big planned skate day was foiled.

I got up and futzed about the house, drinking coffee, and goofing around with my wife and the dogs. I noticed a brief break in the rain, and looked out the front door. The driveway was drying out quickly.  I smiled at my wife and said, "I'm gonna run down to the local park and see how wet it is..." She just laughed and said, "you're like a kid in a candy shop..."

When I got to the park, I was surprised to find a couple of other skaters already there. It was a father and his young son. The park was pretty dry, but still had some wet spots. They had brought towels and were drying the wettest spots out. I hadn't met these guys before, but offered a warm greeting and grabbed a towel, helping dry up the wettest spots.

Initially, it was still a little slick, and we dorked around. We all admitted that busting our asses today was not in the plans! Each of us found skating in different eras and had unique styles. The father, heavily surf inspired, hit amazing slides around the park, and skated with a lot reckless abandon, but always with steely control. The son was a combination of eras, throwing down bonelesses seamlessly, and pop shove its on the transition like it was his birth right. Me, with my same silly stuff...

We cheered each other on, and each took different lines as we cautiously worked around the park. As we warmed up, the park continued to dry out. We all experimented with different lines and we feed of each others energy. It was a beautiful day (not beautiful weather), and frankly a session I didn't expect to have much less have company for...  It wasn't the day I planned, but was probably the day I needed... As I rolled out of the park, high fives, fist bumps, and Instagram accounts were exchanged. This was the first time I skated with these guys, I hope it's not the last.

Serendipity is defined as finding wondrous things not sought out. I can't think of a better way to describe today's session...

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