Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mission Report 5 November 2016

Manheum, PA

Swashbuckle CX

Pretty happy with these pictures:

The Board of Directors: Kelly, Fergie, and Lux...

"at my signal- Unleash hell..."

Fergie gives it a Sven Nys!

Kelly gives it the old Groendaal!

Big Time Salutes the crowd...

Rare photo of Luxy smiling! 

The PA Renaissance fair is a really unique venue. 

Master's men staging

everytime I look at this picture hear Thin Lizzies's "the boys are back in town" in my head

Frank laying it down...

Dougie Fresh...

Eric Morgan's butt! 


no words needed.

"win your group."

unique venue indeed



Anne Freakin' Rock

unique venue- Monk into the finish

Rock, Anne Rock

Rock knocking out the run up

Rebecca was all business on her way to the elite win...

win your group.. won your group

Emily pitted on Monk's bike. Perfect fit


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