Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mission Report 27 November 2016

Tawneytown, MD

MABRA District/Maryland/DE/DC Cyclocross State Championships.

Today Monk wrapped up a wonderful regional cross season at the District/State Championships. It has been years since Monk's knees allowed her to train and race for a full season of cross. On the way home from the race, I commented that I think that this year might have been her best season ever. She smiled at me.

We both choked up a bit as we pulled out of the venue knowing that for all intents and purposes, her season is over.  Monk finished 4th in the 35+ race, while capturing  the silver medal in the Maryland 45+ class. It was truly the icing on what has been an amazing season.

That said, we are both pretty tired. We'll look forward to getting to know our mountain bikes a little better in the next couple of weeks and then a little more prep as we'll head off to Nationals in January.

I am so proud of her. Proud of her tenaciousness, and diligence. She's one tough monkey.

mission accomplished.

Photo Blog Starts Now:

It was brisk upon our arrival and Monk's course inspection this morning...

Melissa Ekey is one of my favorite people in cross... 
I submitted my application to the Handsome Dude Pit Guy Club headed up by Big Time and
Scotty Roberts. Then I split my pants. I don't think I'm getting a call back! 
District and State Medals...

3/4 Women's Podium

35+/45+ women's podium

Elite Women's podium- lots of battling in this race!

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