Monday, October 31, 2016

Mission Report 30 October 2016

Howard County, MD
Saturday, October 29

Maximum Overdrive is a Steven King written/directed action/horror movie from the mid 80s. The gist of the story is that an alien force has come to planet earth, and previously inanimate machines such as toasters, video games, and trucks have come to life and attack humanity.

Here's the trailer:

I am convinced my lovely wife saw this movie, and was scarred for life forever believing that if electronics are left plugged in while we leave home- they will attack.  It was just such a fear that 20 minutes into our drive to Biketoberfest cyclocross race in Howard County, MD that she turned to me and said,
" I didn't unplug the coffee maker."

I sighed, knowing where this was going," It's okay honey, the coffee maker will shut off on itself, it's designed to do that... it'll be fine.. the house isn't going to burn down..."

She responds, "No, no we gotta go back. it's not fine..."

"Crap..." I turn the car around and head back home....

Of course when we got back to the house, we found that she had in fact unplugged the coffee maker, and our fears that the coffee maker would attack the dogs while she was racing were in fact totally unfounded. Not that the coffee maker has attacked the dogs before, but you know anything can happen.

From there We hauled ass, avoided a closed route 70, and made it to the race on time. Let me comment that I am generally a pretty slow driver. It was a harrowing trip. The normal pre-race routine was out the window, but we made it in time. Monk got to the race, and had a good race. I'll say after being sick for two weeks, and missing some action, her body language on the first lap didn't look great, but slowly her body started to remember that she's pretty good a cross and things ended up really good on the day:

Oktoberfest Ride
Phoenixville, PA

There was a time when doing a ride just shy of 50 miles was something that was the norm before 10:00am on any given Saturday. Those days seem to be in the past for me. It was with great fear and trepidation I signed up for the Oktoberfest ride a few weeks ago. I was lucky to be accompanied by my old partners in crime Buddy the leg breaker, and Travis. Thankfully they kept a close eye on me this weekend... It took every once of deception and guile I could muster up, but I made it through and frankly had a wonderful time. Yes, it's true stairs are my mortal enemy today, but the ride and the beer and bratwurst waiting for us at the finish were outstanding. The Kermesse Sport guys put on some really challenging and fun events. It was a great Grand Fondo season this year!

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