Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mission Report 09 October 2016

Baltimore, MD.

Charm City Cross - IMHO the best cross race in the mid atlantic.
a cross racers cross course. Technical features. Perfect.

stoked to have my brother and family down, lots of racing, cross weather and wonderful stuff.

Cheers to C3-Twenty20 Cycling; Sweet J, Norman, 'EFFIN AUER and Jay Lazar and company...

here some quick shots that I took:

Jason Eicholtz CAT 1 Tent-Mate

Course Inspection: Lisa Vible and Joanne Abbruzzesi

Conquer the Fly Over: Denise Matheny

Scotty Roberts

Course Inspection: Monkey and Beth

Monkey and Beth

Course Inspection: Emma, Monk and Beth

Rock and Roll All Night: Gene Simmons or Stefan Vepaa - you decide

Hallowed Ground

Jay Lazar charging off to save the day.... thanks Jay

Reservoir Dogs Shot: Ben Anemone, Denise Mathey, Kelly Wright... 

Lean In : Joshua Gorman cheers on the riders...

Pinning numbers...

My favorite Corner in Cross...

Hurt Locker- Sam freakin' Green Making a deposit

Some Serious Love in this shot: Rock, Monk and Beth

Pinning Numbers..

dial it in- Josh Gorman

Cyclocross Stalwart : Big Daddy Chris Evans

Paul Wahner dials it in...

Preparation is almost complete. Go time is near- my brother Craig Vettori

Cross is Generational: Farticus and Monkey 2.0 putting their time in the pit

More Generations: Werner and Emma Freymann

Rock and Joey Daub- Deluxx INDEED! 

Emma Freymann ramping up...
Charm City Cross- Monument

Farticus getting after it...

The Mask of Pain is real...

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