Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mission Report 25 September 2016

SykeloCross- Sykesville,  MD

Today is our 17th Wedding Anniversary.

Like probably 16 of our previous anniversaries, we celebrated by loading up the car before sunrise, and heading off to a cyclocross race...

Monk is the tougher part of our team. She is more pragmatic. The realist. She is the grit, and drive to my passion and  often overly optimistic view. She is the black and white, to my gray. We really do complete each other...

Diane worked 12 years to complete her bachelors degree. We were starting out, we barely had two nickles to rub together. We paid the utility bills when they came in yellow envelops. If we could afford two classes - she'd take two classes that semester. If we could afford one class- well that's what she took. Most of those 12 years- Diane worked full time while taking classes. She developed a very good career and managed a number of teams. Really, she didn't need the degree- she didn't need to finish school. But it was her goal. It was something that was important to her. Something she was told she couldn't do.  I have to be honest- there's no way I would have done what she did. I would have walked away. She didn't quit. She kept grinding through no matter the obstacle It didn't matter. She got that damn degree.

I couldn't have been prouder.
Photo Scotty Roberts... Monk finding the smooth line...
Diane has had two pretty awful knee injuries in recent years. The second made worse by a cortisone shot gone wrong that ate up her tendon. She never gave up hope. After almost 2 years of not being capable of riding at all, she began to have some consistent rides. It was just 2 weeks before cross season last year when she decided to try a race and see what her knee could handle. She had a a successful campaign for 2015. When she was told she probably wouldn't be able to ride again, she just kept hope...

Monk is aged into to a new age group this year.

where's the line, where's the line...

Today, Monk scrummed herself on the front row of the Sykelocross, and took off at the gun. In years past Diane was the hole shot queen. With experience and age, she's learned to more carefully manager her matches.  She fought herself into the front group and set to work. Diane is having a season that we couldn't have been imaged just a couple years ago. Nope, her knee is still not 100% right, but our fingers are crossed. Today, Monk had an amazing ride, I'm not convinced it was even her best ride thus far this year, I know it's not the best of what's to come-  but it did land her on the podium. That my friends is something that should that we don't experience all that often and frankly never taken for granted.
Monk plans her lines, plots her journey...

In the midst of the race, I turned to my buddies Scott and Glenn and said, "I think I'm gonna lose it..."

Monk crossed the line in 2nd place. I caught up to her and gave her a big hug. I might have choked up a bit. I couldn't be prouder. Yeah, the podium was awesome, but I was more proud of her grit and tenaciousness, of how hard she has worked- this journey. No one race will define a cross season, but yeah today was awesome.

Happy Anniversary Diane.

While I can't predict the future, I pretty good idea of what we'll be doing on our 18th Anniversary.

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  1. Happy Anniversary and Congratulations on an awesome race Diane!! You rock! I wish I could keep up with you!

    Hugs, Melissa


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