Saturday, September 3, 2016

Mission Report 03 September 2016

Granogue Madison
Beautiful day, great course, great battling
Pictures better than last week. Had fun working for my friends in the pits and snapping some shots:

Greg on the first lap:

Craig on the final corner:

Lisa course designer/visionary closing out her last lap:

Deluxx in the house:

the pit bikes I was covering today:

Monkey smash:

Make America Bike Again 2016:

Co-ed team podium. Nick's kit was top step all the way...

Open Men's Podium shot:

the loving leaders and visionaries behind Granogue Cross:

I think I got some of Anne's hair on my arm:

Waiting for the first exchange:

Anne Rocking out:

Her Mask of Pain is a smile...

Mid Altanic Cross Stalwarth Bob Joos:

Fabulous Furry Vanderbacon boys!

    D-Lowe is always on point:

Monk and Rock warm up the fly over:

 Jill makes her final corner:

 farticus spent sometime sessioning the flyover...

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