Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mission Report 21 August 2016

West Chester express Saturday.
Monk had  West Chester Cross Alliance practice in the am.

Skated West Goshen Park  (just outside West Chester) afterwards...

I had a ton of fun. Beautiful facility.
This was my first "pre fab" park, I dug it but honestly prefer concrete.
I recognized how lucky I am to have access to the three concrete parks close to my house. 

Iron Hill Twilight Crit in the evening with good friends.

Sunday was the final edition of DCCoD Grass Track.
Admittedly bummed to not be riding, but it's been fun hanging out and talking shit.
talking shit, something I'm good at...

West Chester Cross Alliance Practice at Stetson (filmed by me)
West Goshen Skate Park footage by Monkey
West Chester Crit Pictures blatantly stone from Anne Freakin' Rock
Delaware Cyclocross Coalition of Delaware Grass track at Papermill Park- filmed by me

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