Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mission Report 17 April 2016

It's Sunday evening. We did the half Lu Lacka Wyco, which was a beautiful ride. It's impossible to not see the love and personal stamp on the event that Pat puts into every detail. Thank you to you and your team Pat! Cheers!
The Master of Ceremonies Pat! 
Claire ran a tight ship at the rest stop!  Outstanding team! 

The course itself was brutal. I'm happy that we only got 57 miles today.

This was by far the gnarliest of the gravel fondo/roubaix rides we have done.

It was amazing. I am destroyed.

Thanks to wonderful group of folks I had the privileged to ride with today: Mark Weaver, Anne, Gus , and Monkey. I am exhausted, but smiling ear to ear as I type this....
our group for the day: Mark, Anne, Gus Monkey and Fatme! 
First section of off-road...

Photo Blog Stars Now:

Shane, my friend always looking for another adventure involving suffering- he did the 100!

Sharon, BK and Sam sit in with me while we listen to the pre-ride announcements...

Just a few folks out for the ride...

Sam, Shane- and Birner who totally pinched my butttoday.
I'm not complaining, just sharing the story.

I put the geek in Domestique!

 Here I protect team leader Gus through a tricky section of pave! 

Weaver!!! sad trombone as sadly Mark's day was cut short..

All In! 

Monk and Anne lead the group up the fire road hill
 I would call the FUDGIE THE WHALE!

Our destiny lays before us....

this was long and a steep pitch...

An over the shoulder shot of Anne and Gus...

the Mail box was a good reminder for me
to eat some blocks in our final push...

Gus sometimes likes to be call el pistoero! 

We watched the sun rise from the road this morning! 

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