Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mission Report: 16 July 2016

Jam Fund Grand Fundo- East Hampton, MA.
Beautiful Ride, a couple great days. 
Had planned on the 68 miler, but my old man knee said no.
Ended up on the 40 which was more than enough...

the Jam Fund does so many things right. This ride is just a small example.

rest stop one was at the Russell Park Skate Area.
This detail was not missed by me.

It looked like fun. The Fluffernutter/bacon/blue berries sandwiches were delicious.

happy to be escorted by good friends Craig, Beth, Monk, Buddy, Paul and Lisa.

road bikes and dirt roads: so much fun...

Skatepark photo by Mega
Group photo by Beth
Monk and I filmed by Craig's go pro.
Selfie by Craig.
Selfie by me (with Craig and Buddy)

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