Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mission Report: 13 March 2016

Weird weekend. Playing things by ear. No plans.

Managed to get down to the skate-park with about 40 minutes of day light.

It was super fun. Nice group of kids, mostly on scooters and BMX bikes.  Very Nice kids, all kind to the old man wearing a cycling helmet carving around the park.

I was having a blast. I finally pulled off  a rock and roll on the big quarter with coping.

Rock and Roll on a quarter pipe with coping...
 I was super stoked. I had thought about trying to do some 50/50 grinds on the benchy-thing coming off the quarter, but frankly chickened out/didn't want to waste time floundering too much- daylight was fleeting.  I felt fast pumping through the transitions... flowing... As one of the kids on a BMX bike said to me, "it's a chill sess man..."

There was this really young kid on a razor scooter, a real live razor scooter. He bombed around the park kinda of oblivious to who was around him. At one point I was doing a feeble stall on the quarter without coping and he cruised under me.

feeble stall...

A little sketchy, but he was a little kid, just didn't know better... I credit the older kids because they had great patience and awareness of the young razor kid.

The young razor kid was trying to ride the bench or something, and he ate it hard. It was ugly, as he was crumpled up on the flat. I asked him if he was okay,  he said, "no, I don't think so..." He grabbed his scooter and ran over to his grandmother and tried to be tough and hide the fact that he had started crying. I kept an eye on him, and it appeared he was okay. Grandma was in charge. She had him and hugged him closely. She was giving him the grandma magic Mr. Miyagi massage that made everything better. I could tell, she was cool.

I busted out another rock and roll, and felt the stoke level hit 100%. I carved one last wall and ollied on to the benchy thing doing a nice little board slide. Those board slides are so fun. I can't believe that I can do them.... I clapped my hands, ecstatic with my skating.. SO STOKED.

Sunlight was fading. I kicked up my board and walked over the young boy and grandmother.

"hey, buddy you okay?"I asked.

He looked up at me and said, "yes sir" (I won't comment on the fact that he called me sir).

I put my hand out and gave him a high five, "remember man, everyone falls down. everyone. what's important is that you have to get up. It's getting dark, better hurry up and get another run in...."

He smiled at me, and grabbed his helmet.  I smiled back, winked at the kid and his grandmother and walked out of the park... it was a good evening...

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