Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mission Report: 09 July 2016

returned to Glasgow Skatepark today.
Arguably the best skate park in our area. Not my favorite. I struggle to link things together at Glasgow. But it is fun. Really Fun. (and yes the bowls still scare me)

I don't get angry often. It's not a good look for me, not productive. For various reasons I was in a haze of rage all week. The topper my knee swelled up on my ride Thursday . Honestly, I wanted to go for a bike ride with my wife this morning, but my knee wasn't having it... Skateboarding however doesn't seem to jam my knee up. (Thank goodness) Got to the park and a light rain started to fall. I didn't care I needed to move, to flow, to feel alive... It was wet, and I stumbled a lot. Both cycling and skating and heck life require a lot of tenaciousness. By the end of my hour I'd figured out s few new things and felt some joy. It was a good morning... 

Glasgow Skate Park, Newark, DE

filmed on 09 July 2016

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