Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mission Report: 07 May 2015

I went back to Phillips Park Skate Spot in Newark, DE last night. When I went there the park was pretty full. There was probably 8 dudes in their early twenties. These guys were killing it. I never stopped watching skateboard videos, but seeing these guys do kick flips at will, 360 flips and nollie flips in person was rad. The videos don't do them justice.

I am rarely intimidated, but I admit I was a little. But I also knew I had an hour to skate, so I worked in. The old dude on the old school board doing kick turns, while the kids crushed it all around me. It was fun. I was kinda just stoked to be a part of it. In general, I like to think of myself as a positive guy, so as the kids would land ridiculous tricks, I'd find myself saying, "nice!" or "sweet" in an encouraging and appreciative way. While not intentional, I was so stoked to be a part of this session, even if at some level I was just getting in the way of these guys.

A funny thing happened. On the larger quarter pipe, I got a good head of steam and got a nice little backside grind on it, I was stoked, as I couldn't come close to the coping last week. As I was rolling back down the transition I heard one of the kids say, "nice.." The already big smile on my face got bigger... Maybe I wasn't in the way as much as I thought I was...

My hour was almost up. I watched a kid in a tie die shirt do a double kick flip down four stairs and pop out of the quarter pipe I was standing on. I dropped in carved around the park and cruised back to the quarter pipe. I carved to the top and did a 50/50 on the coping. The board cruised across the coping maybe 2-3 inches. I was stoked.  After another quick kick turn I popped up out of the transition and the tie die kid says to me, "hey man, that was cool. I can never get those to grind." I'll admit to you reader that I can't predict when I'm going to do a 50/50 grind or stall. I just roll up to the coping and well, hope for what physics gives me. I replied, "thanks man I was stoked to pull that, then again I can't kick flip down four stairs!" he smiled, and said, "fair enough!" We both laughed.

My hour was up, and I thanked the guys that were still skating as I left.
That was fun...

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